General Information

1) Production Time: 2-3 weeks from receipt of order.

2) Overruns/Underruns: We reserve the right to ship and bill up to 5% over or under the amount of the order.

3) Cancellation: Subject to cost incurred plus $10.00.

4) Less Than Minimum: $15.00 net, plus lowest quantity price.  Absolute minimum 50% of lowest quantity.

5) Change of Copy / Imprint Color: $3.50 each.

6) Second Color or Second Side Imprint: $12.00 (G) Set-up per color or side plus $.12(G) each running charge.

7) No Copy: Next higher quantity price except less than minimum.

8) Proofs: Faxed or E-Mailed Proofs Black & White $6.00 net

9) Spec. Samples / Item Proof: $15.00 net, plus cost of cut.

10) Copy Layout: Artwork and Copy must be clear and intact, factory is not responsible for misinterpretation.

11) Confirming Faxed Orders: Hard copies of FAXed orders must be clearly marked "Confirming Order, Do Not Duplicate."  Otherwise, hard copy will be treated as a separate order.

12) Printing Dies: For imprints that have logo's or items that require Printing Dies the cost is $36.00 (G) for imprints that are up to 6 sq. inches.  For larger Printing Dies that are up to 24 sq. inches the cost is $42.00 (G).  These prices are for camera ready artwork supplied.  Artwork sent larger than the size specified in the catalog is subject to a $10.00 net Resizing Charge.  NOTE: Artwork or Photostats that require touch up or color corrections will be billed at cost. 

13) E-Mail Artwork: Artwork can be sent via E-Mail in Black and White, color separated Artwork to: in PC based format .ai, .eps, or .pdf.  LAMCO is not responsible for EMAILed artwork when a hard copy of the artwork is not sent with the order.

14) Drop / Split Shipments: $5.00 for each location other than original.  (Maximum time limit 2 months)

15) Special Packaging: Please call for quote.

16) Substitution of Material: We reserve the right to substitute material of equal or better quality without notification.  Re-orders will revert to original specifications.

17) Future Orders:  Will be produced at our Discretion and are not subject to cancellation

18) Standard Imprint Colors Available: Black, White, Gold, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Silver, Purple, Navy, Maroon, and Orange.

19) Color: Colors shown in this Web Catalog may NOT be the same colors as the actual products due to irregularities in the photo process / catalog printing.

20) Ship Dates: Requested ship dates that are shorter than our standard production time must be confirmed with LAMCO.

21) Phone Orders: No phone orders will be accepted.  All orders must be sent via Mail, Fax or E-Mail.

22) Shipping: FOB Shipping Point.